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Portable Leak-proof Water Bottle With 7 Compartment Pill Organizer

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  • Can endure high temperature, leak-proof.
  • Ideal for keeping you hydrated.
  • Convenient daily organizer made with a built-in pill organizer so you’ve got the pills the water and even the lid as a cup with at all times. Great for traveling, work or keeping at your bedside.
  • Includes 7 compartment pill organizer.
  • Constructed with virtually indestructible tritan material, this bottle is durable for even the most rigorous traveling.
  • Comes with 20-ounce capacity water bottle so you can rest assured knowing your covered with your pills and water all stored in one cool gadget.
  • Made with four tiny anchors so your bottle will sit where you put it, no rolling around
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Feature: Eco-Friendly
Material: Plastic
Boiling Water: Not Applicable
Feature: With 7 compartment pillbox.
Colors: yellow, red, blue, black, rose red

Size: 9.3 x 3in

Package size: 9.4 x 3.1 x 3.1in

Package Includes: 1 x Water Bottle with 7 compartment pill organizer

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